I saw this product advertised on television and called to purchase the product. They debited my account right away that was over a month ago. If you try to email their support line it bounces back as an illegal domain. If you call the number you used to order the product and call the customer service line they tell you to good luck. I looked them up online and called that customer service line hmm they are only open 8 to 4:30. I haven’t called yet but I foresee a wild goose chase. The next step is to contact my bank fortunately I’m only out 10.00 but I feel for those that placed larger orders.


  • Name: TBX_FREE, Stop Smoking Aid
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Claremont
  • Address: 250 W 1st St STE 310
  • Phone: (888) 447-5161
  • Website: www.tbxfree.com