So my 80 year old Mother went into TCC a Verizon re-seller in Florence Or to change her 6 year old phone out for a newer one. They gave her a “free” tablet along with her new phone and now her bill went from $28 a month to $93 a month. She walked in needing a phone upgrade and walked out getting the screws put to here by some unscruplious sales person. I’m not happy with them and they are unfortunately an 8 hour drive away. | I’m working with Verizon customer service but I’m not currently hopeful about the outcome. BTW the Verizon Eclipse tablet is the worst tablet I’ve ever seen not even worth the $75 dollar restocking fee they want to return it and certainly not worth the $10 monthly fee or the $175 cancellation fee. Nothing like ethical sales people. I did get Verizon direct to lower her bill by about $25.00 a month but it’s still double what it should be. I contacted the store manager Madison and ran through this story and she told me flatly there was nothing they would to to rectify this issue since it was past the 14 day return period. Nothing like pulling the wool over the eyes of a senior citizen to boost your sales for the month. Good job TCC I hope your proud!


  • Name: TCC, Verizon Authorized Retailer
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oregon
  • City: Florence
  • Address: 2775 US-101
  • Phone: 541-997-1818
  • Website: