I received an auto message when answering a call from this number. The message indicated that they were calling from TD Bank Fraud Prevention, stated my name and gave the last four digits of my credit card number. They then placed me on hold, indicating that it would be a 20 minute wait as they had higher than normal phone traffic.I waited patiently as I had just made a purchase from an oversees vendor which was an unusual transaction for me. I wanted to make sure that they didn’t freeze my account as I was planning to travel in the next week and needed my card.Then it occurred to me, I hadn’t actually used a TD card for this transaction. In fact, I hadn’t had a TD card in ten years. I had used a card from another institution. I Googled the phone number while I waited and the number was legitimately from the TD Bank (spoofed probably). Promptly decided to hang up and haven’t heard back.I wouldn’t have given them any account information even if I had spoken to someone, but I can see how these types of tactics might trick a person up.