this is a puppy mill, TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique aka pretends to care for dogs but the are a puppy mill. “Look around the internet… So Many Reports about this place. Buyer Beware. Do your research. I no longer see my report about so I am reposting it. Good Luck and have a great day everyone! First of I want to say I stop by and their dogs do not look healthy or happy. I went to a few high-end petstores in Miami and this store is ‘no bueno’. This all started when my friend and I stopped by for some stuff for her dog. I was also interested in getting puppy for myself and my daughter. Anyways

I did not like what I see and their prices are outrageous for some half-dead looking puppies. (sorry but it is true) They do not have happy dogs. Anyways

my friend tried to return an item because of poor quality and the staff gave us such a hard time.. We lost over $200.00 at the store. so I decided to look into TeaCups

Puppies & Boutique. People in Miami are just discussing as a whole. i found alot of negative stuff on TeaCups

Puppies & Boutique. I heard all the news about this pet stores being closed…They pretended to closed due to all the negative and bad news … but they just re open at another location. was shut down by the authorities for running a “”fake”” adoption -buying+ selling puppy mill dogs!!! In the store the salesgirl act like we could afford their dogs.. little did we know these dogs are not from top breeders I found out on many dog blogs they are no good. They buy dogs from problem breeders and puppy mill breeders who don’t care about dogs just money. Its on many many blogs online. Do not go to TeaCups