Mr. Kevin Levrone IFFBB Pro AKA ” Maryland Muscle Machine” hustled me and a reglious great “friend/fan” in south africa for over $100,000. This poor man thought he was investing in the Levrone Formula Brand in reality he took the money as part of his hustle. Its been over 2 to 3 years that He owes money to all of us . Kevin “borrowed” $80,000 from me with the excuses that he is buying a muscle car in canada and his money hasnt come in . He will pay me right back but since his brother is putting out money and ready he needs to do this asap. The balance of the money was to hire an attorney asap because of land that was left to kevin and his brothers and sisters were comprimised because again of kevins neglect , mismanagement of other peoples land, property and money. | I have made multiple attempts for him to pay me monthly and he even hustled my attorney . After two months of the lies and promises to the latest attorney it was empty promises and no money | Not only did he steal this money from me he goes around and defames my name with intentions that business professionals stear clear so that the conversation about Kevin Levrones Game Never Surfaces. He lies about even the state he lives in so that he is not served court documents or supeonas. | Kevin is extremely manipulating and a theif. His intentions is to cry the poor mouth in private and show himself as a motivational religious man . When all he is a drunk and a theif. | Do not go into a loan arrangement with kevin . he will never give you a dime . | Kevin Refuses to pay me and the gentlemen from south africa. He has blocked all communication with us . blocked our phone numbers, blocked our emails , blocked us from his social media. Kevin Levrone has left us no choice but to resort to your pipeline to expose someone who will do this again and again . | Kevin – dont use people , what you did was disgusting . You dont do this to a woman with children going through a divorce. Taking my money and a good friend in south africa and italy is bottom of the barrell. And you run around the country with your own brand with connections put together and paid conveniently by me. On top of which you stole the company GEAR in the USA . Copied the supplement line and now place the company booth right next to yours at the bodybuilding shows. | anything else you want to steal you pathetic piece of s*** ?


  • Name: Team Levrone
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Hanover
  • Address: P.O. Box 637
  • Phone: (516) 659-0079
  • Website: