Teamster Local 385 owes me a refund of $251.75. I never received a ledger statement for proof, but this is their claim. I work for UPS, and I have worked for them now a little over 4 years. I used to be a member of Teamster Local 385. However, I got out of this union when I transferred to Teamster Local 512. As of today, I am no longer a member of any Teamster union. My issue is that when I terminated my contract with Teamster Local 512, Teamster Local 385 started taking out union dues again. I shouldn’t be paying any kind of union dues, especially to Teamster Local 385. I’ve been dealing with Teamster Local 385 for about 3 months now. It turns out that Teamster Local 385 has been randomly taking out union dues from me over the years after the transfer. This makes no sense at all. They did finally stop taking out dues after several phone calls. I have requested a ledger statement to see how much they owe me, but I have never received one. My mother, Rita P, has been my witness to everything. She’s been talking on the phone with Teamster Local 385 as well. | On October 30, 2017, I received a missed call and a voicemail from Teamster Local 385(Laura Stapleton) stating that they owe me $251.75 and that I need to be looking for a check in that amount in the mail. I still haven’t received the check. They are no longer returning my phone calls. My first attempt to collecting my money was by making a report through the Better Business Bureau. The case closed because Teamster Local 385 never responded. They received a “D+” rating for no response. Also, I submitted a complaint through the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Furthermore, I even contacted an attorney about the money that they have illegally taken from me. I saved the voicemail, and I will take a loss by getting an attorney if I have to do so. However, I’m trying to resolve this problem and make it easier for them and for myself. Teamster Local 385 owes me the money and needs to pay me back. It’s not a lot of money, but I believe this may be some type of fraud and it’s the principle that they owe me.


  • Name: Teamsters Local Union 385
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Orlando
  • Address: 126 N Kirkman Rd
  • Phone: 407-298-7037
  • Website: