I was having technical difficulty so contacted who I thought was a legitamate company. They charged our account $299 for a year. I then a few months later got a call that they were giving refunds as they were no longer going to serve Microsoft and lost their contract. They wanted my bank account information to return the money. I was not comfortable with this and contacted my bank who told me this was not procedure. When I called the illigitamate company back they had my password locked and asked for an additional $150 to unlock it. They were doing remote veiwing and this made me very uncomfortable. I am going to file a complaint with our local police and have brought our new computer to the shop to be cleared and have it unlocked. This will take a week for them to get to it but at least it is out of my house and they cannot gain any more information. They are not the real Team Veiwer company. I called them and they said it was a fake company and to file complaint and an investigation. I hopw you can help us.