Overseas employment scam for Carpenters Scaffolders, Crane Operators Forklift Operators Welders1 Advance payment of $ 1250.002 No Visa required to enter Europe3 Work permit required to work in Europe3 Canadian trade papers are not recognized in Europe. Just as their papers are not recognized here in Canada.This is the response I got when I inquired on a ad on Kijiji looking for crane operators in GermanyThis is Rafael from Tec Employment, I got your resume and this is pretty good. Let me explain how this process works:You will be working 6 months in Germany and 6 months in Austria, The employer will cover the visa cost, airfare, accomodation and also food. So basicly you will not have any expenses exept you own expenses that you may have.The salary avarage is $30 to $35CDN per hour.The process should be very fast because they need people immediatelly.Our company charge a placement fee of $1,250.00 CDN, that you can pay in 2 instalments.One to start and the second once you get the visa.Let me know if you want to move forward so I can send your resume to the employer.