My Complaint: My computer gave alarming Windows alert to call & report.. The website appeared very
real. I have pics. he requested I go to target or Best Buy to purchase Microsoft Virus Protector; but call him when I get in store. Asked how many years protection I wanted, I said 3.. he replied that will cost u $200 & we will reimburse u plus $40
he said Microsoft will reimburse me $240.00 in 24 hrs. Via Fed Ex
He then said I had to go to Target or Best Buy & purchase 2 $100 EBAY gift cards b?cuz the ?virus protection # is on the back of each card !!! He said do not talk to anyone, they will charge me tax & Microsoft does not
reimburse sales tax…..


My Demand: Find the SOB & charge him; he is good until he said buy gift cards !