I was contacted via cold call from TechYankee in July 2014 informing me they were with Microsoft calling about a very serious virus that would destroy my computer. They directed me to the start button, then into areas of the computer I would NEVER go. Asked me what I saw. I saw triangles with exclamation marks. What happened then was they said don’t delete it…they needed to take over my computer and clean it, etc. It was a VERY dangerous virus. They were calling customers and telling them. When I heard the man say he was with Microsoft, I perked up and allowed him to take control. Now, I say, how stupid could I be! They are foreigners….speak with a heavy accent and what I know now about them is that they are manipulators, connivers, and deceitful. TechYankee is NOT part of Microsoft. The dangerous virus issue was solved 8 years ago by AVG and Malware. I have a third level tech who moonlights on my server who, these guys told me was “nothing”. He hadn’t taken care of me and left me in a very dangerous position. When I told my guy that, he went to AVG and got a letter stating that very thing. When I confronted these people, they lied again as they said they would issue a credit for the work but couldn’t do so for the software as they had registered it already and that was $150.00. I told them that is was for UNNECESSARY software though. Junk. No use to me. To keep them from getting on my computer, I had to change accessibility. When they offered a refund on the labor, they wanted my credit card number. These people are exactly what is written about in an article by the Federal Trade Commission called Tech Support Scams. Check it out at consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0346-tech-support-scams from 2/6/2015. There are 3 pages of it to read but any time an Indian calls you, hang up! Others do it too but the Indians are very proficient at it. .

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