Help Desk Scam online tech service


My Complaint: These people came up in my search to find Google help for my Gmail. They claimed to be certified Google support and that can help with my locked out Gmail. Upon giving my email address, they said I am being hacked by someone and my computers are infected and that my financial information is at risk. They scared me so much that i let them have remote access to my computer. Then they said my info has definitely been compromised. They showed me on my computer that there are foreign computers that are accessing my IP address. Little that I knew that those foreign computers were from them. They also told me that some of my credit card numbers are stolen. And he said, do you have a credit card that starts with 4? I looked and yes i had a Visa. It did not dawn on me that all the Visa’s start with 4! So I agreed to pay them $350 to fix my computer and clean the viruses they claimed i have. Later, I wondered how they can tell my computer was at risk just by knowing my email address! They removed my Norton Virus Utility and installed the freeware from Microsoft and ran a scan. After that, my computer got slower and i started to receive many unwanted adwares. I placed an stop payment with my credit card. Few days later they called and confronted me. After denying what they did wrong, they offered to lower the fee to $250 and that they would give me few expensive software for free. Which I rejected. These guys are based in India and all their names are Aliases. One introduced himself as James Brown. The other as Yankee. and so on. And now i just got an email from them stating that their number has changed to 800-454-2136.


My Demand: Already disputed with credit card