Attempted scam to steal personal data


My Complaint: I called the toll free number for Hotmail Help. the fellow took control of my screen then after a little chit chat, pulled up a screen showing 7000+ errors in my computer. He immediately wanted me to buy a $199 service to get it fixed and he warned me my computer is about to crash. He then wanted to know the age of my computer and said I had a very good one. To me this meant he was searching around inside my computer looking at things not related to the problem, which was only how to remove the auto open sequence. I immediately got suspicious and terminated the hookup. I religiously run Kaspersky anti virus and other maintenance software so I knew I did not have this problem. Plus I went to my regular AT&T support service and they confirmed it. These people put in this screen in an attempt to sell me an unneeded service. I keep no passwords, SSNs, financial data etc on my computer so I don’t think they can steal my identity etc. But this is very suspicious and I’d appreciate you looking into it. Thank you.


My Demand: That they be exposed and they stop this type of action.