I was at the Texas Home and Garden Show, and I saw a presentation for a machine that made salsa. It looked pretty cool, like a Mandolin and a food processor all in one. The guy who demonstrated it said it could be found online for $39.99, but with him, we wouldn’t have to pay delivery. I was sold on it, and bought two. When I gave my credit card to the girl at the booth, she swiped it and slid it underneath some of the plastic bags. (I didn’t think anything of it at the time.) After I signed the credit card receipt, I gave it back to her and she handed me the products. I asked her for my credit card back, and she acted confused. She asked, “Didn’t I give it back to you?”” I looked through my wallet just to check

and said no. I looked at the bags and could see my credit card (which was dark) under the first couple of bags (which were white) on the stack. I took the high road and left with my products

and didn’t notice at the time that she didn’t give me my copy of the receipt. I went to another part of the floor to check the prices

and found that it was selling for less than half of what I paid for each. I went back and told him I wanted to return them. He said it was no problem

he just needed to see my receipt. While I was looking for it