Complaint: I hired this con man from, the site that I always seem to find con men and will never use again. Due to previous issues I’ve had with hiring overseas developers, I specifically looked for someone in the US and someone from LA named Tecnovative Keith Peterson 1234 Broadway Los Angeles, CA US responded to my ad for a web programmer for Facebook Application development. He quoted me a sum based on my needs and said he could get it done in a month. Fair enough. Long story short, it took him 6 months of mind numbing, hair pulling inapptitude to finally get 1/3rd of what was promised completed. He then held my site hostage unless I posted a positive review for him on Guru and after I did that, he demanded more money and wiped my site until I pay him more. I’ve had enough of this con man. It turned out he isn’t from the US at all and his name is Umair Qureshi [email protected] I have contacted to get help resolving this or get a refund but the site is really setup to protect these guys so I am not sure if they will do anything. I’ve paid this con man $830 to complete 1/3rd of the project because he had excuses on why the rest wasn’t possible, after the quoting, acceptance and start. He also told me later his lead programmger quit. This guy is a train wreck and completely dishonest. At this point, I will NEVER pay another developer until the entire job is completed. EVER. I will NEVER hire someone overseas again, even though this guy lied from the start and has everything setup to appear as though hes in California. He isnt. If anything, this is an $800 lesson for me and I hope it helps some of you.

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