My husband and I have been married 11 years, together 14, and prior to that we were best friends for 2 years. We have 2 sons together. Everything was great or so I thought, until Jan 10th 2012 I received a text message from my HW. All she would say was is your husband completely honest and faithful to you?? Hmmmm?? She wouldn’t reply back after that one little message. She wouldn’t answer the phone. I logged into our cell phone account and that number was on his account over and over and over again. He was at work so of course he wouldn’t answer either. I was furious. Even more furious that she thought she had the balls to say something and then refused to answer anything from me. || My husband and I”grew up” together. We were 18 & 20 when we got married. He had never had a job until we started dating. He had some addiction problems over the years, once with marijuana, once with gambling, once with just spending money, but I stood by him as his wife. I did whatever it took to help him through his issues. I can’t say I did not know what I was getting into when I married him because I did. The only thing I could think was I had been there for him all these years everytime he needed someone when nobody else would and this is how I get repaid? That night when he got home from work he was surprised I was awake, it was midnight and I had to be at work at 4am. I said your girlfriend called me, he said what? I said yea who is she? As soon as he opened his mouth and her name came out of his mouth, I went from sitting on the couch to punching him in the jaw. I did not know her but I knew who she was. They had been friends in Facebook a few months prior and I had questioned it. Other than that one moment I had no idea of anything. He came home everyday after work at a feasible time, we were still having sex, not fighting,nothing. || I tried to kick him out but he begged to let him stay, he says he had ended it. He said he had tried several times but she would threaten to tell me. Yes people, she knew we were married the entire time! I yelled until I couldn’t anymore slept an hour and went to work. I am a RN so I knew the busyness of the day would keep me occupied. I was wrong. The Facebook messages began about 7am. She wanted to tell me everything they had done, everything he had told her. Everything he told her were complete outrageous lies. I’m not sure how anyone could believe them. He told her we have a 3,000$ cat, yes cat. He has a 60,000$ motorcycle,that he never drove the entire 4 months this went on and he drove his 20,000 SUV instead, and she believed him. The amount and ridiculousness of the lies was just crazy. I told her she was stupid for believing any of that. She told me she saw me when I went to vote and was going to tell me then but couldn’t brig herself to do it. I had one of my children with me so she better be glad she didn’t. I couldn’t work I went to my supervisor and asked if he could cover me. He said sure what’s going on? I just blurted it out. MY HUSBANDS GIRLFRIEND CALLED ME LAST NIGHT AND ENLIGHTENED ME ON THEIR RELATIONSHIP. He just said I’ve been there go home and don’t kill anyone. She continued to tell me crap he said, and I continued to tell her she was stupid. I really tried to be a lady about it. She told me she loved him and now she wanted to ruin his life. I said your almost 40 and have a teenage daughter and have been married and divorced and you fell in love with a married man in 4 months? She asked me why he did this to her. Are you kidding me? I have 15 years on your little four month affair and I have two kids and your asking me that question? She asked if I would be her friend on Facebook, I said ummm no. I told her to leave me and my family alone and let us heal. || She still texts me occasionally with stuff about my lying cheating husband. I sweetly tell her he is MY lying cheating husband and what I choose to do is between me God and him. Through it all she kept asking me you didn’t tell anyone about this did you? I haven’t told anyone. I would say yea I’ve talked to people. She choose to have an affair with my husband. So now everyone can know what a whore she is. By the way, my husband still pays everyday for what he did. He hears about it daily, we are working on things, I let him stay but until I am no longer angry he will continue to hear about it when I feel like telling him about it. If he doesn’t like it he knows where the door is. He chooses to stay and tell me he will make this all up to me and I will let him try, but I’m not going to make it easy.