Teixeira Recovery Towing Charged $205,00 for a single tow! Burlington N.C. North Carolina!!. I live in an apartment complex Alamance Reserve who has a parking rule of no obstuction of more than one parking spot which I did violate and my car was towed in the night. I contacted the complex staff the next day who only had a phone number and did not know where the towing company took my car or what they charged but still allowed this Scam towing company to operate on their property. I then called thdd towing service number and got someonr after 3 hours and tried to find their lot which is hidden at best, but I find the lot and again called the Teixeira towing company who finally show up an hour later. The company representative was rude and tried to collect the $205.00 fee in cash first but finall accepted my debit card to hich I questioned the out of line fee to which his esponse was if you want the car pay the fee! Subsequently have called several towing companies in

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