Our company purchased a product from Tekby and when it arrived we realized we had ordered the incorrect part. This was our fault and we were aware we would need to pay the 15% restocking fee. We received RMA # from them and sent the product back. The original box had nearly disintegrated and we had to repackage it as UPS wouldn’t accept it as a return box. It should be noted that the box that this arrived in contained two separate boxes and wasn’t the original box from the manufacturer of the component. The returned product went back in two boxes at our expense. nTekby accepted one box but refused the second box. We didn’t receive any phone calls informing us they refused it. We had to be informed by UPS. We called Tekby and spoke with Dan. He informed us that they made a mistake and to ship the product back to them again and they would be looking for it. Again, I sent the box back at our expense and again they refused it with no phone calls informing us of this. nI called Dan once again and asked for an explanation and he started throwing out possibilities on why it was refused. He said he thought it may have been past the return period (it was not). Then he said it was from another vendor and they couldn’t accept returns on products shipped from them. This was not disclosed to use and makes no difference as we purchased it from them and we adhered to their return policy. Also, they had no problem issuing an RMA and accepting one of the two boxes. He then told me he would need to check with the returns department and get back to me for the official reason. nHe called back about two hours later and informed me they wouldn’t honor the return because it was in two boxes. Dan didn’t care much when I told him that the part never arrived in original manufacturer boxes and was actually two UPS branded boxes within a larger box. nTekby now has 50% of the product in their possession. They refused to honor their own return policy. They caused us to incur two unnecessary shipping fees with UPS and repeatedly changed their story on why they were refusing to honor an RMA they had issued. Their conduct has been unprofessional due to the fact that they continuously changed their position on the return until they felt they found a reason that would work. They had no communication to us informing us of any issues and they never should have issued an RMA if they really thought this was in violation of their return policy. We are now out the cost of the product, the additional shipping fees and 50% of the product that they still hold. nTekby has lied to us. If they feel they didn’t lie then they just didn’t care enough to get their story straight from the beginning. Either way that is irresponsible conduct from a business. nBurned by TekbynBontia Springs, FloridaU.S.A.

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