It was one of those $19.95 as seen on tv ads that I want to buy every one I see. Usually you pay that and for an additional $6 or $7 S/H and they will double your order. Well, I was expecting about a $30 total and blam $63.75. It’s a small vacuum for dog and cat shedding hair. No sub-total, no approve button, just Bam, that’ll be 63 bucks charged to your card and do you want to print this invoice! Well NO, you already ripped me off. I said no to what seemed about six more ways to increase my order. It’s no telling the total if I said yes to everything. Steer clear of Telebrands – and Shed Pal. Wait until it comes to your neighborhood drugs store so you know exactly the cost before you buy. I’m eating this one but you don’t have to.

San Diego, California United States of America

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