Complaint: Telefund Inc. Has Bad Reviews Online And A Sick Reputation Of Harassing People Who Are On The National Do Not Call List Registry! ============================================================================ Back on Monday, April 20, 2015 and Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 6:30 P.M., including on Friday, May 1, 2015 @ 5:23 P.M., this Disgusting Company Kept Constantly Calling Me From The Phone Number Of: (213) 487-9500 And Telemarketing Me Into Either Buying Products/Services and/or Giving Them Money For Something. They swear that they just raise money for Political Fundraising Campaigns, however, on my phone that was Not the case. However, I have been on the National Do Not Call List Registry Ever Since Thursday, July 28, 2005 and this ***, Idiotic Company Failed To Bother Checking The National Do Not Call List Registry and therefore Violated California’s National Do Not Call List Registry Law. Furthermore, I did Sue them in Small Claims Court back on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 and sadly, I lost because they sent in this Ugly Weirdo who made out the False Claim that it is Legal for Telemarketing Companies to Harass Californian Residents if it is for Political or Charitable Work! Can You Believe It? In the Documentation that I provided, Not Once Did It Say Anything About This and I am Not sure where this So Called Loser With The Nerdy Glasses Got His Information From, but I have been to Court About Being On The National Do Not Call List Registry before in the past and NEVER heard of this! In any case, this Loser is Totally Wrong and has been Trained to Go To Court and Fight Every Case Off and Win! Obviously! …..but he will Not Take Away My Dignity! Please NOTE: I do Not Personally Care What He Thinks About Me Because It Is My Life And My Phone And My Phone Number That We Are Talking About. Not His! I Wish Him Only The Worst In Life And Send Him Off Very Bad Karma, Santeria and The Black Magic Evil Witches Curse To Haunt Him For The Rest Of His Life For What He Did To Me And Allow To Happen So Far And He Is Full Of Nothing, But Satan And Evil Unholy Spirits! In Addition, there are many, many Public Complaints Filed against Telefund Inc. and I can see Why? Enclosed, below, please find at least (10) url links to read up on about all of the Public Complaints that have been filed against them, plus MINE is on the way which will be published on four websites which include:,, and ripoffscams.comwebsites since I am a Customer Service Advocate and Writer for all four (4) of those websites. Please Note: Enough Is Enough Of Their Disgusting Abusive Practices… Enclosed, in my attachments, please find documentation about my Small Claims Court Case for your review. My Final Advice To The General Public Is Not To Do Any Type Of Business With Telefund Inc. and if You are on the National Do Not Call List Registry, then if this company is harassing You, then please make the attempt out to Sue Them In Small Claims Court and You Can Use All Of The Information That I Have Provided In My Review. Maybe You Will Have Better Luck Than I Had! Telefund Inc. You Are A Very Dishonest Company And Do Not Deserve To Remain In Business! Thou Shalt Be Judged On Judgment Day! review #673647

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Address: 15 West Figueroa Street Floor #2 Santa Barbara, California USA


Phone: 8055641093