Steer clear of Telekomet… its totally seems like just another internet scam… The Telekomet website looks good up front and seems promising but its all just ends up to be a fake facade to get you to open an account for $100.

I opened a VAR account with them and tried to set up a “test” account just to try them out and it was one disaster after another. They could not get one “Test” account to activate through their so called VAR system. As a final attempt to make this issue go away, Don (The owner) went ahead and activated some random account from a random area without asking me what area code and which customer to attach the account to. Its just all together real unprofessional and suspect. Him and his staff also give you this overall vibe that they are being bothered and treat you as if they are doing you a favor. Its too bad that someone goes out of their way to setup an impressive frond and VAR portal just to scam people out of $100.. I demand At least partial money back. Stay away

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