API Scam took money from My Bank Acct.


My Complaint: API Scam. Anyone can place order, enter dummy info & don’t complete order with payment & my bank acct was debited- 2 times. They refuse to reply, refund money, answer phone & as of today their site is down. API shouldn’t have been linked to my bank Account. They said that VAR Accounts collect money from the customer first, then the VAR place order, then activate order. The VAR is supposed to be billed monthly. I have sent numerous of emails. I finally received one email that said they will look into the problem and refund my money soon. But days after that some more money came out of my account..I send another email.. several with no reply and that’s when there website went down. Before all the issues with my money being taken.. their customer support is horrible… ticket system don’t work. You send emails they ignore them or tell you to submit a support ticket. Then you remind them that support ticket don’t work. If you have questions about the system they are days getting back to you. They are not very helpful at all. Also kind of rude and make you feel like you “the customer” is a pest.. and they don’t want to be bothered. I dealt with all of that.. but the bottom line was when their API was linked to my bank account and withdrawing money for fake/dummy orders and want to keep my money. This was a Holiday week.. the work week ever.. Thanksgiving and they enjoyed theirs off my money. Stay away. They charge a monthly license fee on top of that for $249/month and $650/month.. it is not worth it. Beware of who you give your banking information to. This company looked legitimate but they are not trustworthy.


My Demand: All my money back