Was employed as an Independent contractor working under the Panther Transport umbrella. Back in March 2017 I was hired on by Sarah English the recruiter for Tempus Transport. I was placed in a truck to team with a Butch Schriner by Chase the Operations Manager. I ran with Butch for 5 weeks. He was verbally abusive & very controlling. Put my health at risk on many occasions & threw me off the bunk 3 times while he was driving by slamming on the brakes. He was the worst driver I have ever come in contact with. Threatened to leave me at the truck stop multiple times if I didn’t do as he said. I tried to tell Tempus of the Hell he put me thru. Spoke to Chase & he said he would take care of things. I was pulled off the truck & told they would put me with another driver. | 3 weeks later I was picked up by a driver named Mike. He ran his mouth non-stop the whole way from Virginia to TempusTransport’s location. During the drive up there, I tapped another trucks mirror. We pulled over, there was no damage and we re adjusted our mirrors & went on our way. Mike made a huge issue out of it and called Safety on me. I was not put on safety hold because there was no damage. Just told to call it in just in case the other company tried to say there was any damages that were not caused by me. I was let go by Chase saying I had an unreported accident. Told me that I would be compensated the $2,600 they owed me in 30 days. On the 30 day Mark? Chase sent me a letter saying I owed them money! Told me they wouldn’t pay me unless they were Forced to pay. Which means to me? I have to dish out money & time to hire a lawyer & go to court out of state. Upon research of this company? They have done this to Multiple Drivers. It floors me that these types of companies can get away with this. I tried to go to Pennsylvania Wage complaint to try to get them to help me. But, Mike (The owner of Tempus) knows he can get away with not paying his drivers who work under a 1099.


  • Name: Tempus Transportation, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 214-693-1087
  • Website: www.tempustransportation.com