I have a online business out of my home for which I sell once or twice a month on average to residents of Tennessee, I didn’t file my sales tax on time and was assessed $760.42 in taxes I am supposed to owe. This office has had my records for 5 years and knows full well I’ve never sold enough in Tennessee to warrant that amount. In their letter it states “Failure to appear or mail within 10 days will result in all properties,rights to property,monies,credits,and bank deposits you now own being subject to seizure by levy action. The statute further states that a business can be padlocked without further notice to you.” How is this not extortion? How is this different than paying a thug protection money? | I asked where they get their figures and was told they are generated by the computer, so it’s the computers fault YOU put in that information. Katie V, Revenue Officer has lied to me on a number of occasions. | For this time period I owed $13.00 in tax, so Tennessee levied my bank accounts and took out all in one account and most of the other. Far exceeding what was owed. HOWEVER they do not refund, they claim to issue credits, now they claim I didn’t pay my business tax in 2014 and told me I forfeit my credit due. | If you want to do business in Tennessee get ready for some serious extortion.


  • Name: Tennessee Department of Revenue
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Nashville
  • Address: 500 Deaderick Street
  • Phone: 615-253-0600
  • Website: www.tn.gov/