Complaint: The company has recently shown up in Memphis stating that the company has been around for months as an advertising firm with multiple employees and looking to expand to Memphis. Before the interview I was brought to an office and left to wait in a lobby for another business and was eventually met by the interviewer Zach (Holt?). He led me into a suite that had every door closed and locked except for one small office with no noise to be heard despite the large number of employees. After an elongated conversation he stated he would email me about completing the application process. The completion process was to provide him with all my personal information including a credit report and addresses for the past seven years and to digitally sign a document stating he was free to use the information and share any said information with any affiliates including other companies.

Tags: Employers

Address: 5865 Ridgeway Center Parkway, Suite 300 Memphis, Tennessee USA


Phone: (901) 820-4510