Caller ID said TEP and also has the same TEP phone number.Caller said Due to non-payment for 2 months and no response from sending out notice of service interruption, power disconnected today unless you can make payment. Closest to you is the ATM at the AM/PM market Orange Grove/Thornydale. I’ll stay on the phone till you get there and will need to give you a 6-digit pay code. Choose the Liberty X button, put in the code, your debit card and payment amount. After I did, caller asked if receipt was on yellow paper and it was not. Try it again he said, gave me a different pay code. Same result. He then asked me to stay on hold while he spoke to the IT dept to gave them reset the machine. I waited, tried again and same result. Got in my car and took receipts to the bank. When I asked to speak to someone else in the department he said it would only delay the process. He asked me to try again, when I told him I was at the bank he hung up.