Complaint: I am an educated African-American male. I have management experience and have so often wondered why Terita’s Pizza, in all the years its been on Cleveland Avenue has never had anyone working there except the good ‘ol white boys. There have also never been any women working there either. Sure they all smile in your face when you ask for an application and they give you one. But if you aren’t the right color you sure aren’t going to be hired. I have filled out the applications before and I even have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Otterbein College. The owner always tells me “Sorry

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Address: we don’t need anyone right now

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Phone: but I’ll keep it on file.”” I even sent my friend (also and African American) in there to ask him why no “”people of color”” work there. His response was that none of “”them”” have ever applied! I have applied countless times! A few weeks later he has a new white high school boy with a tripped out ride in the lot everyday – but he didn’t need anyone. I work up the street at the auto store on the corner and I even have purchased food from him