Complaint: Firstly, I have to say that I was incredibly naive to trust this man. I hired Terrance a long time ago to defend me in a case, which turned out relatively well. However, that was 10 years ago. I recently reached out to him again and to see if he can take care of the cleanup of the aftermath of that case. In Oct 2014, we met at a restaurant and we had lunch and discussed my case and how we would be able to file the motions to have my case reduced, then dismissed. He proceeded to tell me stories of all the many clients he represented all over the world and how he would take these luxurious vactions. At the conclusion of this meeting, he presented me with a retainer agreement in which he would be providing the services. I signed the agreement and noticed that it didn’t have his name, but instead it had “The Law Offices of Frank Barilla”” as the practice name. I didn’t question this at the time since I was just excited to get things going to get my life straight. Fast forward a month and he told me he had filed the motions to get the ball rolling. There would be series of hearings where a judge would hear the case and rule accordingly. But here’s where things started to go wrong. I’d call him for status updates and he’d tell me me the case was continued

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Address: or pushed back

Website: I went to the courts myself to get a reading of the minutes of my case. As of Feb 2015

Phone: a couple of weeks for whatever reason. I’ve been in the court system before so this didn’t seem fishy to me until the 3rd time this happened. By now