Terry Cook @ AmericanSportsConsultants.com Lie, Manipulate, Steal Fallbrook California!!. Finally people caught onto this guy. I found this guys website after seeing his youtube video when I was about 18 years old. I’m now 29 as I write this report. Just like all the other reports on Terry Cook… this guy severely manipulated his win/loss records. After signing up with him for a month, I broke even, but his records for my subscription period showed manny missing losses, just so he could display gains on his phoney website to lure more people in. I believe he offered only western union money orders as a form of payment which makes sense, so that he can steal with impunity. If he did accept USPS money orders he could potentially face felony charges due to the fact that if someone reports him to the feds, and was defrauded paying for what Terry knows are fraudulent services, it carries a felony offense for doing so. I believe I reported Terry Cook to this we

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