This guy appears to be a good guy. That’s all a act. He made all sorts of promises to sell the mower to me. The mower was piece of junk. It would break down everytime I tried to mow. Here’s a timeline that I put up to see all the times I took this thing back. His so called mechanic just patches crap together to get it out the door. I guess that’s his idea of job surcurity. He rigs stuff together fast as possible with any junk parts he can find around there. Look at all this hassle of taking it back n forth. Then he started making asssumions to back out of not fixing or giving me my money back. take my advice, Don’t deal with this guy, You’ll be better off going to a reputable store or repair shop. Don’t make a big mistake like me. I paid $400 for a piece of crap that I could’nt even mow my yard once !!! Now I got to pay to go to small claims court. Meanwhile, I am going to have to buy a another mower. Sick of the junk, going to go to Lowes get a new one. What I should have done in the first place instead of be conned into this junk !!! TIMELINE Sunday 6-2 3:49(4min 33) 5:47(1 min 11) 6:34(18 secs) Phone Calls Before I bought this mower we talked about what he would guarantee on this used mower. He said he would stand good on anything for 90 days. He said he canu2019t warranty a year like Wal-Mart can. I agreed that if it would run good for about a month, that everything should be good. He agreed and said that he doesnu2019t sell junk. I know him a little and went to his church one time and so based on that, I took him as his word. Bought mower $400 and came back with trailer and took home that day. 6-3 Monday 4:57 (1min 26) 8:17 (1min 39) & (2mins28) Mowed for about 15 mins. Front left of property. There was sparks coming out from top of deck. The adjustment arm that engages the blades was rubbing on pulley and almost cut through the arm. I also noticed that the belt in one place was cut badly and could break at any time. CLUTCH Pulley u2013 Idler Pulley 6-4 1:04(39secs) Called and brought back. 6-4 Tues. 4:00 Jackie fixed the problem. Welded a bead into grooves that were cut into and did work on pulley. 6-5 Wed. 1:59(1min 59) 5:07(1min36) Stop cutting after 20 min. making noise from deck. Still on left front of property. The pulley was bent and also shaft.(shaft is called a Jackshaft)($12.99) Left side of deck. Put a used pulley(pulley jackshaft $8.00) on it. And had to weld a piece on where the grass thrower slipped into blade area. The shaft (Jackshaft) appeared slightly bent and Jackie beat on it with a hammer to straighten out. It was still not strait. Theads messed up by hammer. Put two new bearings in. Put in upside down and had to do over again. The pulley was problem. (Called Jackie about repairs because Terry said he was in Beaumont) Could see wobble while running but did not make noise anymore. Pulley was bent in a couple places. I discovered later it was caused by a mechanic prying on it to fit wrench in a tight position to save time by not having to disassemble the bearing housing. ( to remove the pulley) LEFT BLADE PULLEY & BEARINGS 6-6 Thursday 3:27 (8secs) Mowed for about 45 mins. (Finished left side and most of Right side front of property)Broke down again making noise again from deck. 1st Sparks coming out from under the seat; I turned off and moved battery. It slid over and shorted out against frame (melted battery post) I fixed that somewhat and clipped the battery down. (Battery was not clipped down thatu2019s why it vibrated over and shorted out. I continued mowing and the dow pin came out and the deck dropped on the left side causing damage to blade pulley. Inside of pulley was spun out. I put wire in as a dow pin but still made noise and wouldnu2019t spin blade on one side. 6-6 dropped off told Jackie and showed him what happened. 6-7 Friday 4:19 (1min 27secs) Terry was still out of town. 6-7 Friday 1:38 (44secs) 4:14 (38secs) 4:18 (34secs) 4:43 (28 secs) Jackie 6-7 came by to pick up and Jackie did not work on it told me to come back next day. 6-8 Sat. 10:18 (1min 28 secs) Came by to Pick up at 3:45 and Jackie said he was leaving and his impact wrench wasnu2019t working and that it would be Monday. No choice but to wait. I left my trailer there as I had done every time before. 6-9 Sunday closed 6-10 Mon. 5:39 (4mins 19) Terry 6-10 Mon. 12:28 (35secs) 4:36 (I missed a call) 4:57 (15secs) (Had heavy rain for next two days and could not mow for almost a week) Came by at 12:30 and Jackie had not fixed it and said for me to come back next day. Said other people ahead and he has no impact wrench. I told him I will go get my impact wrench and will be back. I came back later and mower was behind trailer. I was looking at my trailer and observed the tread on one tire was torn up and also trailer was not on wood block. Jackie said it was fixed and ramps in back of his truck. I looked at the mower and the wire was still on there not been replaced with dow pin and also the battery had not been tightened. I left and as soon as I pulled out I noticed the tire slapping and vibrating badly. When I got home I called Terry and questioned him about the trailer. I said that the only explanation is that someone used my trailer causing a belt separation. We had a lot of rain the next two days and I waited for it to dry out for a couple days and then started to finish mowing the grass. 6-17 5:06 (1min 12) Terry I called Terry and told him that the fuel line had clogged up and quit running again. I said I canu2019t bring it due to the trailer tire. He said he would come over next day. I started blowing on the line and I got the fuel line unclogged and started it up and noticed a noise when engaged and then I hear the blade nicking something underneath. I turned it off and see the blade on one side is is free spinning as if a bolt is not tightened well. 6-18 3:16 (37secs) I call Terry to tell him and no answer. So I took it my trailer to get a tire and no odd used tires for 15 inch rims, I left there to take mower back and I tell Terry that I would like to have a refund due to all the trouble Iu2019m having. He alleged that he had offered me a refund (which I would have taken) Jackie said that after he worked on it that if it broke down again that he would give me a refund. Terry said he would have to go look at the grass Iu2019m mowing before a refund. I told him to go look for himself and see. Then he started making assumptions that I ran over concrete and such and refused to do anything. Then he told me to take it to someone else to fix it. I also told him that someone is responsible for that tire which is really trivial but it will cost me money to fix it. Notes: The safety stop bracket is in worn condition and is very close to pulley (almost touching) Tough lesson here

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