When I was sold my system by Adam Mendez, he was quite the professional; easy to talk to, never pushy and seem very trustworthy. He worked the deal for my product that I had no sales tax and a low monthly payment. However, at the time he also told me that he would be here the day they installed it. He never showed. He was supposed to bring some promotional items at that time as well. I was forced to call him and ask for them. n nAfter, my system was installed approximately 11 Oct 10. At this time a man came in and asked me questions regarding its placement. I know nothing about plumbing or building codes. I dont know if this man is bonded or licensed even. He proceeded to place my water softener in my garage directly in front of my breaker box. (Id be happy to send pictures taken with my phone.) I cant open the breaker box, but I can sort of get my hand around it if I have to, he said that would be fine. He then proceeded to place the pipes and tubing. The tubing was run over my garage door with cheap hangers that have since fallen down. My roommate is a fire man and was incredibly disturbed at all of this. Apparently it is a fire hazard, as well as having the electrical wire for the system zip-tied to the water tubing for the system. n nAs if this wasnt enough, I had to call to have something checked with my system the first or second week of March. At that time a man named Todd came out and realized that it was a simple fix with my faucet. After this was fixed, my roommate showed Todd how my system was against fire codes and he agreed. Telling me that if there was a fire, wed be responsible. That it needed to be moved “right away””. He asked me for my friends and families numbers for recommendations and then said he would be in touch. Before he left

Todd told us that the plumbers son had died and that he was sort of out of it. n nA week or so later

I received a check for $20 for my referrals

but never heard from Todd or the plumber.n nThis past Friday

(29 April) I called Todd again and asked if this is truly the way this company does business. He said that he had assumed that since he hadnt heard from me that it had been completed. Ive worked customer service for quite some time