I purchased Designer Touch No-Drip hair spray from Texas Beauty Supply and it was extremely watery, therefore, it did not suit the name “NO-DRIP”” although all of the bottles of this product that I purchased from other stores was fine. When I couldn’t get a hold of someone from their customer service department (telephone rings and rings – it even states on their website that if it rings more than ten times to try again!!) I finally contacted my credit card company. As for my reason for putting them in the “”business that doesn’t give a d**n”” category

below is an example of the way they treat their customers. This is the email that they sent to me after my credit card company contacted them (cut and pasted below): nOn Sun

07 April 2002

“”Orders Section”” wrote: n> n> Hello

n> n> I saw that you had initiated a chargeback. Well