Texas Industrial Air Services or Air Serv of Fort Bend what ever name they use sent out what they called a “Tech”. He experimented until he replaced brand new parts that were replace only a day before be another AC service company and kept charging (adding gas) to the stores 3 ton roof mounted AC unit, I know because I was on the roof all the time he was working or experimenting. After trail and error he replaced part after part including a motor which I believe he burnt out by changing around wires, he claimed the motor was running in reverse, I know that’s not true and the air was exausting from the compressor. Finally said the unit had a leak in the coil and presented a scribbled bill for around $600.00 and was to return the next day with a liquid leak stop he claimed a friend “had one used”. Next day and I won’t bore you, the bill was an additional $1,300.00. What does a person do when they need AC in their business on a hot Houston day. Bottom line when it was all done I contacted the owner Eric and explained I looked up parts on the internet and example $25.00 part they charged $173.00 and for a $250.00 electric motor they charged $525.75. Additionally they charged $370.00 for three lbs. of R22 gas which I paid only $180.00 the previous day, we later priced the recharging of gas with three major companies and it was less than half price. By the way the stop leak costs $32.00 and he charged $165.50. After all I called the owner Mr. Eric Pace and after much talk all I went away with was “we are in business a long time” “we have to mark up our products or we cannot stay in business” he went on and on. Bottom line, he reviewed my bills and admitted the so called service tech overcharged us for wrong labor on a few items. This company will take advantage of a situation and rip you off, don’t be at the mercy of these folks, there are too many honest other companies out there.

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