I ordered custom printed t-shirts on September 17. I clicked “standard shipping”” which indicated that t-shirts would take 7-10 days from approval of the proof. Confirmation on the telephone with the graphics person indicated that this was correct. nSeveral weeks later

we called to find out why we hadn’t received them. We were informed “”oh when you order standard shipping we just get around to it when it’s convenient.”” We had to upgrade our order to 3rd day to get them on time for our event. nToday we were informed that they were crediting us for two t-shirts that we were shorted. The order has already been shipped. We called to find out what we could do to get the shirts

only to be informed rather rudely “”no can do.”” nIn fact

when we persisted in trying to find out why they wouldn’t make good on the order (without cursing

mind you