Complaint: Hello Readers.. I am going to reveal something about the restuarent, here specifically I am talking about T.G.I Friday’s, located by the falls, In Miami, FL 33176. That maybe not all of you have experienced something like that but I am sure some of you. Depending on the day of the week, time, situation, condition, people, events etc etc. Its just that nick of time when you get ripped off and your whole day and happy moments are ruined. I’ve been living in Atlanta, GA for the last five years and been a great customer of T.G.I. Fridays at Pleasant Hill Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30044. I moved to Florida three months back and found the closest T.G.I Friday’s is next to me by the Falls Shopping Center…on SW 136 Street and US1. I was so happy to find a place, where I always felt happy with my friends, whether it comes to drinks or dinner. But recently here in Miami I am sorry to state T.G.I Friday’s by the Falls is completely different then other states or cities, just because of few T.G.I Employees. Not all the employees but some of the employees of T.G.I Friday’s. The incident took place approximately 11 PM, September 30th 2009, Yes I am filing the same day and time. Went to T.G.I Friday’s by the Falls Shopping Center, Address is MIAMI FALLS, FL8888 SW 136TH STMIAMI, FL 33176(305) 255-1480 Ordered food and drinks…. got some friends there too… paid the first bill when it was presented to me in cash… Remember not credit card. (There is no evidence when you pay in cash, there is no duplicate receipt for you) Had another drink and ordered the last bill for the last drink and food. There were two servers, young lady and a guy. I don’t know what they thought of, or what they plan.. I can feel and sense that, very obvious and I can see the grin.. got the bill of the previoius and the latest bill altogether. I insisted the previous bill was paid in full, why? because I knew I had only 100 Dollars. The Bartender went back talked to the lady, came back to me and said “NO sir you paid only partial pymt of the previous bill”” I have to pay half of the previous bill and the subsequent bill. (Folks

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Address: how is it possible you pay partial payment of the bill

Website: very wrong) I knew what is going on.. and what both the bartenders are planning to share the xtra money. Upon realizing they both came to me and apologize the situation and ask for only the last bill. I was in upset mood and its obvious you can sense and feel that someone is trying to rip you off. We left the restaurent after paying the last bill but the memory is still alive in our minds. Caution: Attention Customers: Please pay thru C.Cards (In which you get the duplicate receipt) or if Cash the you should have some sort of evidence. Otherwise

Phone: did any one ever paid partial payment in restaurent