Complaint: Hello! I am one of Thad Sipple’s agent, who did not receive salary for the Month of May and June. Our CEO Mae and Raul Caparida (couple who recruited Filipino agents to work in this virtualhub) received an amount of money from Mr. Thad Sipple supposedly that will be our salary. But the couple did not give the money they’ve got from Mr. Thad Sipple. They are alwayas telling us that Mr. Sipple did not pay the exact amount. However, We contacted Mr. Sipple and asked him about our salary. Unfortunately, he told us that he already sent an amount to Paypal. So now, the question is where is our slary? Mae and Raul Caparida run away and hiding with the money that supposedly they should have given to us. And now, they are telling us that it is Thad Sipple who did not give the money. But, we have the evidences that will pinpoint to Mae and Raul are actually the real scammer in this business. How sad, that our fellow Filipinoes will be the reason of this conflict. Beware of Mae and Raul Caparida.

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