Complaint: Julie Reed needs to be shut down. After many years of silence and worry and change in life I have decided to print my situation. Many years ago she portrayed herself as a friend who cared. She stole a very large sum of money, not to be disclosed and threatened to send somebody after me and my children. She would call and say some pretty nasty things to me and I had many years of deapair and difficulty trying to get a life back for me and my children. As I was with her around her clients, I learned that she was really a mean and nasty person, saying things to people who were nice to her. I am writing this because I am trying to save somebody else from the despair and years of emotional torment that I have suffered. She will bleed you dry and will attempt to leave you as a shell. Definitely not to be trusted. Beware All!

Tags: Cult Organizations

Address: 418 west Boston Post Rd Mamaroneck, New York USA


Phone: 914-835-7015