I was delivering my empty Beer bottles at this location at around 5 minutes until closing on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, this rude employee literally jumps in front of my shopping cart and says “We’re closed!””. I then told the employee that it was 8:55 p.m. and he should still serve me but he then said this Racist remark; “”””Do you speak English? We’re closed Bud.”” I then ignored this rude gesture and then begin to pack up and leave but he then out of nowhere said “”Can you please leave now? Or I will call the cops on you. Bud”” (I was just about to leave but I guess this guy is impatient). So I ignored this White Employee’s racist remark and came back the next day in the Morning and to my disbelief

It was the same guy at the Returns department collecting my Bottles. This conniving employee then tried to rip me off by giving me a Dollar less than I was supposed to receive for my bottles. So the next day

I came in to speak to the Managers about this outrage

and to my shock

said that they couldn’t do anything about it as all the Employees at the Beer Store are all unionized. This Employee is a White Male