"Matt Wise" (it was an impersonator) contacted me via our website wanting to order 25 commercial grade projectors ($**k). When we were looking into the Ship to Address, we noticed it was a warehouse with no connection to the company that was "supposedly" ordering the equipment. So, we called The Branch Group’s main number that was on their website and asked for Matt Wise. Spoke with the real Matt Wise at The Branch Group and he confirmed that he did NOT place any equipment orders and stated that we were not the first company to call regarding confirmation for large IT orders.The scammers are quite sophisticated as the email suffix was @thebranchgroup.com but I noticed the website is branchgroup.com. However, when I typed thebranchgroup.com into the address bar, it forwards directly to branchgroup.com.The scammers provided us with enough information to do a credit check on the company they were pretending to represent. Once they passed the credit check, the fake Matt Wise emailed a PO number.