My daughter and I were potential customers. We found dresses for the bride and mother of the bride. They offered a $100.00 discount on sale day purchase but we didn’t take them up on their offer. The owner,David then offered us the same discount if we put down a $100 deposit and purchase the dress within several days. I charged it on my AMEX. Not once did they mention it was a non-refundable deposit. We decided not to purchase the dress. I called the store and spoke to Samantha. She was very pleasant till I mentioned we will not be purchasing the grown and would like a refund. She turned me over to the owner. David mentioned how he and his store would like to help us on our happy occasion. Very nice until I mention the refund money. Again, the mood changes. I feel with 2 other witness of NO mention of non-refundable deposit. This establishment is dishonorable. I’ve done business where there is “NO”” refund on deposit but it was stated very clearly. Then I would not of put down a deposit until I know I’m sure. First of all

the grown in this case was the very FIRST grown and the first store my daughter has visited. With weddings being so expensive this day…my question is “”what bride do you know is willing to throw away their hard earned money that they saved for this joyous occasion?”” Answer…No bride I know

not even the rich ones. To David

“”Thank you for the bad experience my daughter had to experience at your establishment.”” Will never recommend to anyone.”

180 Liberty St. Southeast salem, Oregon USA