Complaint: Do not work for the Bridges Center. While I do not have proof, I believe they may be involved in Medicaid fraud.I began work July 25th. My first payday was to be September 2nd. However, I heard complaints that they were not meeting payroll. A meeting was called where they said they had ‘filed for reorganization’ and that as part of the organization we would be paid minimum wage. Mind you I was offered $18/hour when hired. I spent my savings driving to my appointments and driving the kids to their doctor’s appointments. All of my clients complained that I was the 3rd or 4th person to show up and were angry because they were tired of strangers coming into their home. Authorizations had expired for services and I did my best to catch these up only to find out that many clients did not have insurance.When September 2nd came and went, I asked about when we would be paid and Veronica Davis only said she was waiting on Ms. Winfrey to tell her. I expressed I had no fund left and bills were due and that once I would get paid I will start seeing clients again. Monday, September 26 I get an email reminding me of the mandatory staff meeting. Here they expect me to show up for a meeting, an hour drive from my house. I was angry but waited a day to email my response. Tuesday, I reminded Veronica Davis that I have to be paid for any meeting I have already attended. Later that day, my email account was closed. I took this to mean, I will never be paid. I am now currently looking for ways to close the Bridges Center. They are still advertising for positions open. Clients are not getting any continuity of care.

Tags: Work Place Bullies

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