Called customer service on March 11, 2011 and talked to a rep by the name of Taylor Wolfe. He told me to email a summary and photos. Here is a copy of that emailn____________ nserial # TBC-3810S-024119-0909NnPurchased approx. 9 months ago at the Home Depo, Sun City Center, Fl.nLit a natural lump charcoal fire; came back to put on food and found that nthe paint on the back and side of the grill had started on fire with nlarge flames. Put out fire with garden hose, terrible smell, temp gauge nonly read 500 degrees. I did follow instructions on seasoning the grill nwhen I first got it by rubbing it down with vegetable oil and lighting anhot fire. Have been using the grill on a regular basis without problem nup to now. n___________ n2nd email that same dayn________ nHere are the NEW pictures per your request. Please note my cell number belownso if you call on Monday and I am not at my home PLEASE call my cell nphone. n__________ nemail of March 14, 2011 nI was under the impression I would be getting a call or email today about the grill?????n_______________________ nMarch 15,2011 response nHi Jon, I apologize I didn’t respond to you yesterday, but we were much busier than expected. Due to the parts that have been damaged by the fire on your grill, the best way to go about this would be to reimburse you for the cost of the ngrill. To do so I have a few questions that we have to ask about the grill and some of them may not pertain to your grill exactly. Just do your best to answer the questions. Please describe how the fire started in detail: Where did the fire originate? Were you next to the grill when the fire started? What foods were being cooked at the time of the fire? Approximately how many times have you used the grill? Did you notice any unusual sounds or smells after starting your grill? Can you also email a copy of your receipt with the answers to these questions? Thank you for your patience. Taylor Wolfe Brinkmann Corp. Malibu Lighting Corp. 1-800-527-0717 n_______________________ nMy response on March 15, 2011 nPaint on the grill right side and back started on fire. Flames were very highnand I had to use a garden hose to put them out. There was a terrible chemical smell.nI had started a fire using natural charcoal and after 20 minutes when the coals had ashed over I nclosed the cover. I had not put my food on the grill yet. I went inside my home for about 10 minutes to bring out the steaks I wanted to grill. nWhen I came out I saw the high flames on the outside of the grill. The temp gauge read at 500 degrees. nIt interesting that I built the fire on the left side of the grill with no coals on the right side and the right side without the coals is the side that started on fire. nI no longer have the receipt but I have my bookkeeper searching for the credit card charge onnmy statements. The charge will show the exact amount I paid and the date. I expect that she will have it for me soon and I will forward it. n________________ nadditional email from me same day nForgot to answer that I used the grill about once every 10 days since I got it. nInfound the charge for $228.14 on August 23, 2010. I can scan and email nmy credit card statement. This is all I have. Please let me know if it nwill be enough. n_________________ n3/23/11 from Brinkmann rep nHi Jon, I apologize for the lack of response on my part. I was out of the officenmost of last week, and it’s starting to hit the busy season here. The way we generally handle damage to the grill like you have experienced is with a full refund. It takes a couple of weeks for us to process this request because we have to send it to a couple of different departments. I apologize for the delay. Taylor Wolfe Brinkmann Corp. Malibu Lighting Corp. 1-800-527-0717 n__________________ nmy email of 3/31/11 nTomorrow will be three weeks since I contacted your company regarding the warranty issue. This is not a complex matter and I do not understand why you would jeopardize your companies reputation with such bad customer service. Even if you are not going to honor your warranty could I at least get the courtesy of a response. n_________________ nresponse from Brinkmann 4/1/11 nHi Jon, I apologize for the delay with this matter. When it comes to issues like the grill catching fire, we take it quite seriously. I have not forgotten about this matter and I have already forwarded all of your information to my supervisor. As I said in one of my previous emails, we’re going to be sending you a full refund of the grill once this gets nprocessed. I apologize for the delay, but we are working to get this situation resolved. Taylor Wolfe Brinkmann Corp. Malibu Lighting Corp. 1-800-527-0717 n__________________ nSent emails asking for status on 4/7/11 and 4/14/11 nNo response from Brinkmann to these emails. nThis was not a big ticket item and it makes no sense to me that it should take this long for an answer.

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