On January 2,2009 I spoke with and sent Stacey Krueger of the Bulldog Exchange a $1,294 deposit for a mini english bulldog puppy. Prior to me sending the deposit we had communicated via computer several times. I had also visited her website several times and conducted research on this company months in advance. I did not find any negative results. nStacey stayed in contact with me constantly, responding almost immediatly to any questions via phone and/or email. On January 22,2009 approximately 10 days prior to when my puppy was supposed to be shipped; I paid the balance for my puppy $1.295. Stacey told me via email and via phone my pup would be shipped during the last week of January. During that week she immediately stopped responding to my emails and phone calls. nOn January 29,2009 I received an email stating the company had gone out of business and I would not be receiving my puppy. When I tried to call the phone line was diconnected. It was only after I sent her several emails explaining to her I an in lawenforcement and I have already made a police report as well as contacted a friend of mine in the fraud divison of her local Sheriff’s Department did she call me (and from a new tlephone number). nAfter listening to her crying, saying it’s the merchant’s fault, her father is sick , and my bank has to give my money back because I didnot receive the puppy. I STILL DONOT have a puupy nor do I have my money back! My bank will not refund the money because I used a bank debit card not a credit card and there was a signed consent authorizing her to debit the funds. Dispite her promisses to try and repay/ help me get my money back, Stacey has not returned my phone calls. nShe did however mention to me, not sounding worried at all that her lawyer advised her this is only a civil matter. So since she isn’t worried and it will cost me more money to sue her; I’m going to do just that SUE HER!! I would advise anyone looking for a mini bulldog puppy to stay away from THE BULLDOG EXCHANGE and any MBCOA websites. If you can’t pick your puppy up in person don’t trust it. They even had those fraud alerts on their websites too. I guess they were trying to eliminate their own competition! nKorinPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.



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