I decided to advertise on theknot. After about 4 months of not recieving any customers from a site they claimed would bring me a lot of customers, i hit money problems. I could no longer afford to pay the large montly fee for the advertising . I reciveed a call from Elayne the Marketing manager and asked her oif we could hold off, or cancelling the account for the time being until I can get back on my feet. She agreed with an email verification that this was the agreement. I was even having trouble paying my rent and was ready to be evicted. KNowing that they were kind enough to hold off and wait, I felt better. | Then this morning I go into my bank account to see if the rent check I worte (to save my home went through) and I found it bounced. WTF? I looked at what caused it, and it was THEKNOT. They ran the card and took the money they agreed to wait on. Now I am looking for another place to live. I am also getting a new card, so they cannot be deceitful towards me again. | Do not advetise with theknot.


  • Name: The Cakery
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Hudson
  • Address: 1920 Crest View Dr
  • Phone: (715) 531-1555
  • Website: thecakerywi.com/