i placed an order 28 Jan 19, as they contacted me to be an ambassador with them. i spent $97.50 and waited till 31 Jan to ask for tracking, i messaged them on instagram. they responded with 2-3 week wait. i emailed again 24 Feb for an update.they told me to email customer service. which i did, with no response. so i message on ig again, they got back to me march 6th after i asked for another update. told me it was on its way. i asked for tracking and they seen my message, no reply. have ignored all my messages since. i have issued them a notice of cancellation as it has been past the 30 days, they have 15 days to pay me back. they seen that and sent a random tracking # that does not exist. i know they are scamming others, there are plenty reviews i am seeing online now. in the 15 days i will be going to m bank to hopefully help me if they dont send me my money back.