Bryan Cavanaugh was hired as the attorney for Cloud 9 Massage, Inc. A Corporation that I owned with my wife Stephanie Branson. Bryan Cavanaugh Sent me a Share Sale Agreement by email, an agreement that was signed under False Pretenses, and I sent a reply to him within 5 minutes showing him 3 Blatant Black and White Breaches of the contract. | Stephanie had not only been underpaying as per the terms of the agreement, but she told me that she was “advised” to stop paying after I caught her in a lie. Bryan Cavanaugh never again responded to me and refuses to discuss the contract. He claimed on a recorded conversation that he didn’t feel that his client broke any laws but I proved to him that she lied to get me to sign a contract that I would not otherwise sign and that is Intentional Misrepresentation. | Stephanie lied to my face to get me to sign a contract selling my 40% shares of the business. She hid a secret relationship with a wealthy massage client named Harry Weber, whom I had a business contract with to make a feature-length film about. Harry Weber and my wife made a secret arrangement behind my back and Stephanie told me that she got the money to buy me out from her mother, knowing that I never would have signed the contract to begin with had I known my documentary subject and business partner was involved. Both Stephanie and Harry Weber Intentionally Misrepresented themselves to me so that I would both sign the contract selling my shares for way less than they were worth, and continue making a film honoring this wealthy artist who was secretly dishonoring me with my wife by taking sides in a divorce against me. I spent my own money and fronted an incredible amount of my time for this wealthy elderly man to dishonor me in private with my wife. | Harry Weber will get his own Report and legal action is being taken against Harry Weber, Stephanie Branson and the St Louis Cardinal Organization including one of the owners, Bill Dewitt Jr, and the current President Bill Dewitt III. Harry Weber’s deceit cost me over $22,500 in labor at half of my rate not to mention equipment costs and over $18,000 spent moving to Los Angeles to sell a film that I can no longer release due to Harry Weber breaching my contract with him through Deceit. This has done irreparable damage to my career and I believe the Cardinals organization knew about harry’s Deceit and intentionally kept me out of contact. | The worst part about this is that Stephanie had been lying to me for months about other men. I confronted her about another man who then threatened me with physical violence. A former employee of ours named Dan McDonough who had just come into some money from a lawsuit he won against a Doctor. That is when I started researching the suspicious loan she told me she got from her mother who “didn’t have any more money to give me because it was her retirement”. Stephanie even threatened to kick me out knowing I had nowhere to go if I didn’t agree to her terms. So I agreed to less than a third of what my shares were worth because I thought I had a movie to sell that featured a major league baseball team. She destroyed that too by having some sort of secret relationship with Harry Weber, who was not a family friend of ours and only had a business relationship with us. I introduced him to my wife and he became my wife’s MASSAGE CLIENT. So after this Dan guy threatened me when I asked him to stop speaking to my wife because he had done so inappropriately, I looked in the bank account and discovered that the loan was not from her mother, but from Harry Weber, my Documentary subject, who had intentionally kept me from contact with the Cardinals even though I set up the pregame ceremony he got with Bill Dewitt Jr myself, BECAUSE of his secret relationship with my wife. | Still, to this day, neither Harry or Stephanie or Bryan Cavanaugh or Stephanie’s new Divorce Attorney has told me the truth nor have any of them been willing to discuss either breached contract. Stephanie even went so far as to lie to a judge in St Louis to get an ex parte, which I was never served, approved to avoid her legally binding financial responsibility and to avoid the Fraud she committed. I live in Long Beach, California and the only thing I ever threatened was legal action and to shut down that company that she used to try and push me into poverty so she could have relationships with other men. | Stephanie stopped paying me on the contract she lied to get me to sign and that she was underpaying on anyway so that I would not have any money to hire an attorney to defend myself in a divorce and to sue her and Harry Weber for Fraudulent Misrepresentation or Deceit. | Bryan Cavanaugh refused to provide me with his Bar #, refused to respond after I proved the contract was breached and is ultimately helping Stephanie steal shares of a business through deceit and nonpayment by doing so. I have provided proof to this attorney who told me on a recorded conversation that he represented the Corporation in question and who sent me the agreement that had been breached and misrepresented. I will publish all the proof here but Bryan Cavanaugh should be investigated for unethical practices and helping clients steal.


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