I’m a 57 year old female living in Russell Kansas. I’m on social Security Disability raising 2 small grandchildren. I’m currently starting a re-sell business selling Gymboree Children’s Clothing Online. In researching for over a year I found a supplier ( The Children’s Wear Shoppe) that could supply me with certain sizes I wanted, the season’s I wanted in outfits and not random items.( A lot of the suppliers don’t offer outfits-you receive random items, with random sizes and season). This is what made her so unique! I had found my supplier to form a strong and long business relationship! nWhile waiting for me to get the money together to place an order for a “lot”” of clothing ( the more you but the cheaper it is). nAmanda Cranston (Sale’s rep) and myself talked for 6 months over the phone and email about the clothing line and what I wanted to purchase. She agreed to sell me outfits in the sizes and season’s I wanted. n nOn July 27th 2012 I wired to her $1000.00 using Western Union with $ 40.00 shipping fee’s. This was to purchase 260 items= 130 outfits at $4.00 each item. I supplied her with an invoice from me indicating the sizes and season’s I wanted to buy.n 14-16 Girl’s Summer 10 items = 5 outfits n14-16 Girl’s Summer and Fall 12 items = 6 outfits n14-16 Boy’s Summer and Fall 12 items = 6 outfits n4T Boy’s Summer 10 items = 5 outfits n5 in pants 6 in shirts Mix Boy’s 10 items = 5 outfits n6 in pants 8 in shirts Boy’s Summer 10 items = 5 outfits n24 months -2T Boy’s Summer 20 items = 10 outfits n6 T Girl’s Summer and Fall 10 items = 5 outfits nThis is a total of 94 items = 47 outfits. The remaining 164 items = 82 outfits could be in any sizes just so there are enough of one size and season to make a nice lot of 7-10 outfits for re-sell. nWestern Union wired the money wrong and there were daily lengthy conversations with me and Western Union and Amanda Cranston. Amanda could see on her bank account where I tried to deposit the $1000.00. nKnowing this she agreed to send a “”back to school “”shipment to one of my client’s in Gill Colorado on July 28th 2012 and trust me to follow through with the payment when I received it from Western Union. School was starting and they needed their order. The shipment was to be as follows: nGirl’s 14-16 6 outfits = 12 items Summer nBoy’s 14-16 6 outfits = 12 items Summer and Fall nGirl’s 6T 6 outfits = 12 items Summer and Fall nI responded by telephone and emails to The children’s Wear Shop as my Client hadn’t received shipment. Amanda indicated she sent the Colorado shipment Fed Ex from Chicago and lost the receipt. nI was never supplied a tracking number for the shipment to Colorado. Amanda said she was in touch with Fed Ex and they were checking into it. Never heard anthing more about Fed Ex results to date( August 16 2012). My Client has never received their shipment. nMy client in Colorado has chosen another source to purchase their clothing. I’ve lost a good client that purchased from me for their 3 children for over a year. nOn August 4th I received my money back from Western Union. This was on a Friday so I had to wait until Monday August 6th to deposit into her account as Bank Of America was closed on week-ends. On August 6th I drove 60 miles round trip to deposit $1000.00 in her bank account. non August 7th I emailed Amanda with The Children’s Wear Shoppe to get the tracking numbers needed for the shipments. She did supply me with the Kansas Tracking Number but not the Colorado shipment. nAugust the 10th 2012 I received my shipment of clothing from The Children’s Wear Shoppe. The shipment consisted of 141 items with only 5 outfits. Pictures attached. Not at all what I ordered and it was short 109 items or 48 outfits plus one item. nI notified Amanda immediately by phone and email that I thought I had been shipped the wrong order. Amanda indicated to me she prepared this herself and that I needed to send her pictures of the items even though she said she took pictured prior to shipping. nShe told me on the 11th of August that I couldn’t return the shipment as I requested. I asked her to make an exception to her decision since the order was wrong and short. She said she would put together the Colorado order and ship it. I askid her to ship it to me as I wanted to see what the clothing included. nShe said the 141 items was a very odd amount and that I had to be mistaken! After receiving photos of what I received she said she would contact me. I’ve tried calling for 2 days and emailing and I’ve had no response from The Children’s Wear Shoppe. nI’m an honest person and have worked diligently on putting together my Business. I honestly thought I had the best Supplier out there! I’m devistated by all of this and would desperately like to return what was sent to me as It’s not at all what was ordered. nEvery day that goes by I’m losing money. I can’t sell what I don’t have and these random items aren’t anything I can put together in “”lots”” to sell. So much time is lost here and it’s getting to where the summer items are obsolete at this point since the season is now going to be changing. nI only had 4 clients that have bought regularly from me and have lost 2 because of this madness! I’m desperate for some help before everything I’ve worked for the past year and a half is gone. nI sincerely appreciate your time and am anxious for a response.”

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