In May I saw a website claiming to be veteran operated. I always enjoy helping vets in any way possible. They said for 40.00 a month I would receive a crate with items that were used,and tested by navy seals. I purchased they crate. Well after puchasing the crate I didn’t receive it for way over a month! I sent emails trying to find out why. I received an email back some says later stating that the shipment was running late. After I received my first crate was after they had already taken the next month from my account. The crate contained dumb things that I could’ve purchased at any hardware store for under 10.00. I then in August of 2017 canceled my subscription. I have to email as well as the confirmation email proving this. On October 1 I noticed that they once again took money from my account!


  • Name: The Crate Club
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Incline village
  • Address: 930 Tahoe bld suite 802-543
  • Phone: 724-968-0653
  • Website: