On July the 10th i make a reservation for a cruise for Sep 2019 to celebrated my 80yr B-Day They supose to hold 10% of the price of the cruise to my suprise when i check my bank the next day i see their take $1.800 the deposit was $340.I call right way the person i speak to told me if i cancel they are going to hold 15% of my money. The call was made by 10am on July the 11th .I HAVE THE E-MAIL TO PROOVE IT. I cancel less than 24hrs i should be able to get my money. I make the reservation on the internet the paper he sent me to sign din’t have any mount, MY FAUT, but i am old and english is not my first laugage. I thinking i have a good deal, when receive the paper for them 10 days after their over charge for fee/tax/and and the price of the cabine was more than the previous one. I check Prinsee cruise the same cabine same days Web over charge almost $2.000 more. Please i need help, i am a poor old lady who dream to celebrated maybe my last birthday. Thank you

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