Joe met my friend and gave him his card. My friend and I were both to have dents and scratches taken out of our vehicles. Joe told me the price was $450 and I said I’d get back to him. Then he dropped the price because he had just gotten another customer with my exact paint and he was going to give me a deal. So, I went first as the guinea pig. | He did something to my car so that I could tell that there were no more dents/dings, but he left a “wax” on it which was white. My car is silver. He said to wait until tomorrow or that night to wipe it off. I thought that the white color of it would fade by the time that I had to drive it. It had not faded by 6pm, so I wiped off some of it being about 6 hours since he completed the work. It was embarrasing to drive with all that crap on it. | Anyway the next day, I used water and tried to wipe it off and some of it would not come off, so I called him to tell him to come back and also to please clean up the mess in my garage that he left because my neighbor complained. | He kept telling me he would and never did and then stopped responding. I had friends calling him too. He refused to fix the mess he left. Also, the color is not right, it is not shiny. Thanks for messing up my car!


  • Name: The Dent Guy’s Auto Body
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
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  • Phone: 626-734-8541
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