Complaint: Furniture shoppers BEWARE! Do not buy anything from the Dump. They do not stand behind their products and you have only one day to report a problem. There is a $100.00 restocking fee for anything you buy from them. I bought a box spring I really didn’t need. I tried to return it to get a refund. I was told there was a restock fee of $100.00. I only paid $95.00 for the box spring. I purchased a futon on Sunday Nov. 3, 2013 from the Dump.I paid $349.00 plus tax for the futon. I did not open the box because I could not put it together. When we opened the box on Friday Nov. 8, 2013, the side arm piece was missing. I called customer to request a new box. I was told that I was supposed to check the box within one day of purchase or there was nothing that could be done. I called customer service several times, but each time I was told to hold on and I listened to music for 20 minutes or more each time. Someone named Derius claimed to be looking into the matter to “find”” me a piece for the futon. I have yet to have any resolution to this matter. The futon cannot be put together unless I have the arm piece to connect the base to keep it together. I contacted Better Business Bureau. However as of now

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Address: there is no resolution for this problem.”


Phone: 1501 East Lincoln Highway Levittown, Pennsylvania USA